Blackbar is a text game set in a dystopian future of surveillance and censorship. Censorship is frustrating, but the human spirit can beat that frustration by turning it…into a game. You’ll pick up Blackbar instantly, but its challenges will keep you trying, searching, and thinking for days.

Blackbar was written and designed by Neven Mrgan (@mrgan), and engineered by James Moore (@foozmeat) in Portland, OR.

Blackbar is available for iOS from the App Store. For interviews and promo codes, email



“Blackbar is a brilliant game.”
Ron Gilbert

“Its allegories are smart, and its approach to story-telling on touch-devices is just as well. 4.5/5”

“Wonderfully written and does a fantastic job of pulling you into a not entirely unrealistic tale.”

“Its unique puzzling mechanic and memorable plot would make it a must-play game in any year.”
-Top 10 iPhone and iPad games of 2013, Pocket Gamer

“The most thought-provoking iOS game of 2013 by some distance.”
-50 best iPhone and iPad games of 2013, The Guardian

“Taut and intelligent. 8/10”

“The humor is black, the puzzles go from simple to truly challenging, and the story is top-notch.”

“Playing Blackbar is Like High School English Class, And I Love It.”

“Blackbar tells a satisfying dystopian short story, one that invites you to engage directly with its censorship theme. 7/10”

“Blackbar is the perfect type of mobile game. A must-have in my book.”

“An ingenious puzzle game that critiques censorship”
Fast Company

“An iOS puzzler and a commentary on the NSA’s love of redacted text.”
The Verge

“I find myself (…) waxing rhapsodic about the game to whoever will listen.”
The Best Damn iOS Games Of 2013, –Cult of Mac

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